I am lucky enough to have my office in this beautiful building.  It was a residence for nurses in training, while they learned their trade.  The building will be sold off and torn down in the next two years so I plan to take as many interesting photos as I can before this beautiful building no longer exists.  This, is the outside.  The windows are all off-set at strange intervals… (reminds me of my dreams in an eerie way) and there are openings that have been obviously bricked over.  There’s something comforting in the asymmetry for me.  I’ll be sad when they tear this place down.

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One thought on “Nurses Residence, 1890-2012

  1. I wish there was a photo of the whole building, like the front. I hate to see beauties like this torn down. I’m sure it’s in viable condition, only not high enough for the value of the land. Too bad. What will they build in it’s place? I love the windows.

    Nurse’s dormitories. What if those walls could talk?

    I tried, twice, to subscribe to this but never got the email to confirm….hum?


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