2 thoughts on “Abandon

  1. Grainne: I like all the images, but the second one down is my favorite. A lot of different lines, textures, and colors, but they all work as part of a “whole.” If you don’t mind me saying so, I’m noticing a pattern of muted colors—perhaps, “moody” colors—in your work (at least what “I’ve” seen so far). Am I wrong, or is this a style you prefer? Great images!


    1. I really liked the second one too. It’s the contrast between textures that gets me too 🙂 And, yes, you’re right, I do tend to off-set the colours in my photos because the focus (for me) is in the overall picture that is presented and how all the pieces work together. A softer, darker wash tends to draw attention away from the obvious details and highlights the less obvious beauty…the things our eyes might not stop to see.

      🙂 Thanks!


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