6 thoughts on “Oh hello summer. I’ve missed you so

  1. I used to climb to the top of trees like this as a kid (6-12) and there was one special tree that in the middle were a connection of branches so perfect and comfortable that I used to do my homework there on my way home from school and also it was such a perfectly safe stable place I also sometimes had naps in it. Great photo it brought back wonderful memories!


    1. Oh how cool! My foster parents had a huge weeping willow in the back yard of their house and it had an old twisted smaller trunk running through it that was perfect to climb on. I used to sneak up under that canopy and daydream the summer away. That poor tree was infested with tent caterpillars though and we had to cut it down eventually. I saved a knot from it though…cried for weeks. (I still have that little knot too..one of the few things I’ve managed to hold onto).


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