Way behind on my photography. I’m glad I finally found some time to engage again. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Christmas

    1. .. your photo as my mediation image, I could still if I decide that type of exercise is of use. Fat chance!

      You could print up notecards of this for next holiday season. I would buy, even with the cross boarder shipping nuisance.


      1. You’re such a sweetheart! That’s a great idea though…I’ll have to think about that in the New Year! Maybe make a little website with cards for different occasions. hmmm…thanks Kitty. My brain is whirring now… 😀


  1. That is a fantastic shot! Ever thought about doing photography seriously because you’re really good! I think when one is in some much pain beauty in life helps xo


    1. Thanks love! I’ve been into photography forever…I have a pretty decent camera but also an iPhone and I got some toys to go with that..Olloclip is awesome for wide angle and macro shots. My preference is Nikon as far as actual digital camera’s go…:) I used to sell a few photos here and there but now that everyone’s a photographer thanks to the new technology, lol, it’s just a hobby. xx


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