3 thoughts on “Walking through the odd 

    1. Oh thank you! My photos are one of the ways I find peace in this hectic world we live in. I have ptsd and fell into photography as a form of therapy and keeping myself in the moment and focused on the beauty around me.

      Your blog posts are sometimes so hard to read but I very much admire your strength and tenacity to fight through your your tragic past. Thanks so much for stopping by!


      1. I’m sorry you have PTSD, but glad you found something that helps, and is beautiful besides.

        I think your photos are amazing. I have a daughter who has a pretty good eye but nothing like yours. She too uses photography to be in the moment and also to distance herself from people at large gatherings, which she finds very stressful. One of her specialties is insects — and she sees photogenic ones everywhere.


        PS I think I signed up to follow you and get emails when there is a new post. The reader is pretty useless because I forget to look at it.

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