We were driving along a country dirt road that was covered in a light dusting of snow (first of the year), when we came upon a view I knew I needed to capture.  Sometimes it’s the strangest things that catch my eye.

Copyright - Whym 2017 - All Rights Reserved
I don’t know why I loved this – I usually avoid things like overhead wires and cliché shots of oddly shaped trees (as I have a million of them already) but this, I had to stop for. Something in the asymmetry got me and wouldn’t let go.

Not far into our drive, we came upon a small paddock, a little run-down looking yet it was quite obvious that the animals were well-tended to, and a beauty who must have been used to people stopping to admire her, came trotting up to the fence to say hi.

Dapple Gray Friend on a snowy day
Copyright – Whym 2017 – All Rights Reserved

She was sweet and posed for me as I tried to get her at just the right angle to show her lovely eyes.  She was so sweet – she closed her eyes and kept her ears relaxed and showed me in every way she was okay with being my model for a few shots.

Relaxing in the sun and preparing for her photo session
Copyright – Whym 2017 – All Rights Reserved
Beauty in the snow 3 of 3
Copyright – Whym 2017 – All Rights Reserved

There was another horse with her; a paddock mate who stuck close by her side.  He was completely uninterested in me and my camera and did not even raise his head from the grass he had snuffled the snow away from so he could graze.

I called out to him (I always talk to my animal models) and asked if he would please just lift his gorgeous head for one photo.  Just one smile, is all I asked for.  I was delighted when he responded by raising his head, looked right at me and gave me this:

Cheesy grin for the camera
Copyright – Whym 2017 – All Rights Reserved

Then went right back to his grass.  LOL!

Sometimes (most times) I like animals more than I like people.

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