This guy lives with two other Jays in the trees behind my deck.  They are the loudest things when the sun starts to set that it starts to sound like a singing contest.  All the wild birds around here love to holler at sundown but these Jays take it to the next level.  Still – I can’t help but love them.  I think this is the juvenile of the group, but it’s hard to tell from this angle.

IMG_3197 - Copy

Tiny little guy – been trying to catch him for ages

I finally got a few pics of the hummingbirds that come by my backyard around this time of year but they are SO fast and I’m taking photos from quite a distance away using a 70-300 telephoto lens so getting a clear shot is a trial!  By the time my camera finds him pulls the shot into focus, he’s off to another flower.  This one is blurry but I loved the artistic effect it turned out with so….may I introduce you to my little, very fast, camera-shy hummingbird friend.  🙂

IMG_2650 - Copy - Copy

I never thought I’d spend my days looking for birds

It’s funny….I’ve always loved birds (I have a falcon tattoo on my arm) but never, when dreaming of photography, did I ever think I’d be one of “those people” who sit in wooded areas waiting out the perfect shot of a bird.  Honestly, they didn’t seem very interesting to me.  That was before the telephoto lens though, let me tell you.   When I realized I could actually catch a bird in flight and see it’s feathers (!!!) I was hooked.  Instant.  Now I can’t seem to stop.

Here’s a few little feathers that I had fun hunting down this weekend.