Never alone

Watching animal mates stick together always warms my heart.  These two were taking turns hunting and sharing whatever snacks they found.  One would take off and the other would sit, patiently waiting for the other to return.  Their body language looked like love to me.  Keeping each other warm and full; weathering the storm together as one.

Never alone 1 of 4

Never alone - 2 of 4

Never alone 3 of 4

Never alone 4 of 4

A Moment of Silence

When Colt was little, all he could do to express his constant frustration was scream.  He screamed for hours and hours…until his little throat went hoarse and he could only make empty gasping noises 😦  In a moment of amazement when taken into the shower for the first time, he stopped screaming to contemplate the water.  I thought, at first, his dad had dropped him or something equally horrible – as there was suddenly no screaming coming from the bathroom…but the yell…

“Grainne!  Get your camera!” was what came next and I followed the instruction.  This is my favourite photo ever taken of my beautiful boy.  The torment in his eyes makes my heart ache, but the love outshines it easily.  xx