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Cat’s Eye


Current selection!

Blue sandstone, blue agate, lapis

Purple jade and lava

Glass bracelets

Lava and cracked glass beads (sold)

Garnet with lava and accents

Natural 8 mm Cat’s Eye beads in red, green, black and yellow.
Second bracelet:  Variety of 6 mm jasper beads in red, blue and green
Third bracelet: 6 mm Labradorite, light and highly reflective

Cat’s Eye – Yellow, red, black, green, with Obsidian 


Custom recreation from a passed down costume jewelry necklace.  This necklace had three layers of beads and once deconstructed, I was able to make five stacking bracelets and added into a knotted necklace with Lapis.  The centre stone on this piece is amethyst.


Cracked glass beads, polished to a soft finish.  One bracelet with Lava Bead added.

Gold Obsidian.  Dark black beads with flashes of a green/gold that reflects light.  Beautiful beads as the colours seem to shift as you move.

Rose Quartz with Pink Jasper and Lava Bead.

Hematite with Obsidian and Lava.

Recreated Chakra bracelet.  Includes Cat’s Eye, red Agate, Citrine, Turquoise, Howlite, blue Agate.  (not sure on the green stone as it was there before I fixed it!)

Amethyst 6 mm beads with rainbow Hematite and Lava.  Angel wing charm in stainless steel.