We fly as One

I’m not sure if this happens everywhere – I suppose it does, if this species of bird is indigenous to the area you live in…or maybe birds do this everywhere and I’ve just never captured it until now.


It’s a single thought – One bird (who knows which one) seems to be making a decision for the entire flock to fly in a particular direction and they all go as one.  Great masses of these birds will black out the sky – all flying in the same zig-zag patterns like they’re performing some sort of new Olympic sport.  It’s spell binding to watch.


I wonder if humans act this way and we don’t even know it.  From above, I can only imagine this is what we look like as we traverse from home to work through busy city centres.  Only, we stop for a 7$ coffee along the way.


Elegance in form and motion

I visited a city not far from where I live that is well known for its bird population.  There is a freshwater river that flows through town that is home to all kinds of feathered beauties.  I’ll post some favourites here, but will keep it to a few per post so they’re easier to see in my feed.

IMG_2914 - Copy

IMG_3024 - Copy

IMG_2948 - Copy

I never thought I’d spend my days looking for birds

It’s funny….I’ve always loved birds (I have a falcon tattoo on my arm) but never, when dreaming of photography, did I ever think I’d be one of “those people” who sit in wooded areas waiting out the perfect shot of a bird.  Honestly, they didn’t seem very interesting to me.  That was before the telephoto lens though, let me tell you.   When I realized I could actually catch a bird in flight and see it’s feathers (!!!) I was hooked.  Instant.  Now I can’t seem to stop.

Here’s a few little feathers that I had fun hunting down this weekend.











Notes in harmony with love

I woke up at 11 today.  My son was still out cold, enjoying a good sleep in, and my hubs was out on the deck getting some nice warm sun on his skin.  I drank my tea in the sunshine and all within 30 min, captured a heck of a lot of happy little creatures.

Below:   If you look carefully, you’ll see my subject flying away.IMG_6131

Everyone seems willing to share. IMG_6142

These two have a nest in the trees – awaiting their little ones.  I love their song more than any other. IMG_6182

Fly by!IMG_6203

I think he’s my little woodpecker friend.  Maybe not – light was right at him and it was hard to get a clear shot but I LOVED how this turned out.IMG_6318

There’s the woodpecker, sharing nicely. IMG_6339

Can’t see the birds for all the SPRING! YAYYYY!IMG_6363

And, Finally – the little Robin who gives me hell every time I try to take his photo.  I have countless shots of him screaming at me to bugger off and let him rip up my lawn so he can find is dinner.  This is him sitting smugly on my roof.  He know’s I’m taking the photo but he’s pretending not to care.  IMG_6372-001