Freeze and flow

The winter season is when I tend to stay indoors more often so my camera doesn’t get to go on as many outings as it does in warmer weather.  This day, I was just going grocery shopping but decided to take my camera along.


I’ll find myself thinking that winter is ‘bland’ through the lens, unless you’re shooting something specific, because it’s either dead, brown twigs that used to be lush green trees, mucky slop on the roads mixed with sand and salt from the plows or pure, blinding snow.


Bland or otherwise, I went out with my camera and without even trying I pulled over at various spots along my drive and captured the things that caught my eye.


There is something complex and lovely about the way that winter looks, even though the colours are not as vibrant and everything is half hidden by snow.


It was then I realized that winter was just as lovely as summer.  I had been missing so many chances to capture beautiful scenes around me that would only ever exist once.


So here’s to blindingly white snow, half-dead looking twigs and stems and the biting cold wind that ices and frosts everything in its path.

A blanket of white 

To me, the prettiest winter photos can be found after a fresh snow fall.  

An American friend of mine, after seeing some other Canadian photos online, once asked me,

“What is it about Canadians?  Do you all like take picture of snow?”  

I wasn’t sure what he meant since half the year snow is pretty much just *outside*. Lol 

Aaaaaand winter 

Winter brings a different kind of peace and beauty that I love. If feels as if the world around me has gone to sleep and everything else hold its breath, waiting for spring to wake us all up again.