A moment of peace; a moment in time

This is a repost from last year but as I’m sitting here, lost in it, seeking the peace I felt the day I took it, I couldn’t help but share it again.

Peace in the park - by Grainne

Life can overwhelm us so often.  Sometimes things seem like they’re going well at 8 am on a Monday and by lunchtime, the entire world has shifted on its axis and you find you’ve lost your footing in places you didn’t even realize you had a strong grip.  That’s the way things work for me, anyway.  This photo; this moment; this peacefulness is where I return to when I lose my way.  Coincidently, it’s the photo that almost everyone who comes into my office at work is instantly drawn to.  So much so, I think I’ve gifted out at least 2 dozen digital copies.  If this brings you any sort of solace, looking into and beyond the leaves and summer softness in this photo, please feel free to write me and I’ll email you a free, full-sized digital copy.

This is one I want to share with anyone who sees in it what I do.

Bottom up 

This tree is nothing but gnarled knots and  stumps where branches once reached out to the sky.  Ugly, half dead and home to at least half a dozen animals, this old girl is so beautiful in a way that’s all her own. 

Whym 2017 ©

Day trip

The weather went from snow to summer this weekend and we jumped at the chance to soak up a little sunshine and took a day trip to a neighbouring, lovely little town. There is much history in this place (as much as you can get in a relatively young country like Canada) so I took advantage of the opportunity and got some shots of the crumbly buildings before they erode back into the earth. 

The mill was undoubtedly my favourite. 



Nurses Residence, 1890-2012

I am lucky enough to have my office in this beautiful building.  It was a residence for nurses in training, while they learned their trade.  The building will be sold off and torn down in the next two years so I plan to take as many interesting photos as I can before this beautiful building no longer exists.  This, is the outside.  The windows are all off-set at strange intervals… (reminds me of my dreams in an eerie way) and there are openings that have been obviously bricked over.  There’s something comforting in the asymmetry for me.  I’ll be sad when they tear this place down.

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