Spring beaches 

We went to the beach yesterday as it was a clear, sunny spring day and there is nothing that calls to me and my heart like bodies of water.  I spent hours….days…of my childhood and teenaged years staring out into the lakes that surround me, watching the endless motion and pull of the tides.  I found much happiness yesterday, in those memories and present moments both. 


The first image I took caught me because of the transition between the frozen water, the melting water and the flowing water running over the rocks.  The reflection in the first was so clear it confused me for a moment.img_3488

Then I realized how lovely the cascade really was, broken, splintered trees dragged down stream and all. img_3491

And then deep inside, the colours got me; the transparency.  Frozen to flowing all within three feet..  img_3500-001

A Moment of Silence

When Colt was little, all he could do to express his constant frustration was scream.  He screamed for hours and hours…until his little throat went hoarse and he could only make empty gasping noises 😦  In a moment of amazement when taken into the shower for the first time, he stopped screaming to contemplate the water.  I thought, at first, his dad had dropped him or something equally horrible – as there was suddenly no screaming coming from the bathroom…but the yell…

“Grainne!  Get your camera!” was what came next and I followed the instruction.  This is my favourite photo ever taken of my beautiful boy.  The torment in his eyes makes my heart ache, but the love outshines it easily.  xx